bailey jack

My professional name is bailey jack.  I spell it all lower case.  I loved e.e. cummings’ signature and I developed my signature the same way.  I was born and raised in Atlanta.  I am a Southerner that does not drink sweet tea but have fond memories of a good inch of white sugar in the bottom of my tea glass as a child on hot and humid summer days. 
When using the left side of my brain I actually had a good corporate career.  Paychecks and raises and all that goodness was necessary in my younger life.  Becoming my own boss and having my own business was never a plan nor a thought.  After meeting a Life Coach I became open to the idea that it was time to get real about living a life; not earning a living.  Can’t say I’ve done everything successfully but I can say I’ve learned and earned the right to state that I am a grateful artist.  You cannot imagine what it does to me when one of my paintings sell and goes into someone’s home – into someone’s life—into the hearts of total strangers.  It’s a pleasure to witness this appreciation.
As a self taught artist my style isn’t easily detected.  I only paint what I have a passion about or an interest in and then I’ll research a bit and when I’m into creating it I do not think about sales or success or money.  I enjoy feeling a bit uncomfortable as I begin a new subject matter.  The unease settles me into focusing on the painting.  My influences are/were Peter Max, Bonnard, Van Gogh, Sergey Cherep, Monet, Theresa Disney,  Penley , Nicole Brink and Gauguin. 

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