Edward Husser

I am an artist located in Mt Dora, FL and for the last few years have been creating mixed media paintings, prints and reproductions as notecards. My background as a graphic designer/art director has helped me with my compositions on canvas and color palette. It’s a terrific feeling when I receive an email from someone who has purchased my artwork and their enthusiasm about the process of the painting. Being retired, what started out as a hobby has grown into an enjoyable full-time passion.

My artwork is a collage technique involving hand-printed papers using magazines, maps, book etc. I roll the papers on a Gelli press with acrylic paint and use stencils, stamps, stippling, dribbling. etc. to create interesting textures and designs. Combining different techniques and overlapping layers creates great visual interest on the hand-painted papers. The next step is to loosely sketch my subject on the canvas establishing color, values and shading. After my sketch is completed, I use a gel medium to glue down torn pieces of the printed papers on the surface of the canvas. I also utilize colored pencils and graphite to highlight areas after painting. Once I’m finished gluing my papers, I allow the piece to dry completely before applying a few coats of varnish over the surface.
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