Between the Evergreens

Elizabeth Lang uses the colors and shapes that inspire her to create paintings that convey the beauty and peace she finds in our naturally wild world. Elizabeth uses mainly acrylic paint but also loves working with watercolors. Through colorful abstract landscapes, Elizabeth hopes to inspire spaces and remind others to respect nature for all the life and health exploring it and living in it bring to us.

Elizabeth finds most of her inspiration through hikes and travels. When home in Atlanta, Georgia, Elizabeth likes to explore spots in North Georgia for hiking preferably with a waterfall or two! And any time she is able, she loves to travel further. Her favorite spots so far are the Redwood Forest, Maui, and Portugal.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Elizabeth has a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling and is a self-taught artist. After years of working in mental health with students in recovery from addiction, Elizabeth left a job and people she loves to pursue another passion – art. In 2016 she began her company, Between the Evergreens, with the idea that to journey into nature meant finding a space for peace and joy outside of our busy lives.

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