Kathleen Taylor

My first love was a new box of crayons and a clean sheet of drawing paper. I started drawing as a preschooler and haven’t stopped. Making art, when the process is flowing, can be a magical experience.

My art career began in corporate design as an illustrator/designer for children’s wear and toy manufacturers. I also worked in publishing as a writer/editor/photo stylist. In 1992 I created my own design and art studio. As a devoted collector of vintage furniture I started out painting one-of-a-kind pieces and selling them to retailers and decorators. The furniture business evolved into Kathleen Taylor Studio, which marketed and sold my images as framed prints and notecards. The art has been licensed over the years into many different gift products.

Currently I am a full time painter and collage/mixed media artist. My images are sold through American galleries, juried art shows, and the internet. I’ve been fortunate to have my work gain some national exposure. The collage work was featured at the Art Institute of Atlanta at a show in 2011. Four of my paintings are in “Parental Guidance”, a Billy Crystal/Bette Midler movie. I also illustrated a cookbook “Stir My Soul” for Andrews MacMeel Publishing in 2014. The gift manufacturer, Creative Coop, currently offers a collection of my work.

My subject matter is inspired by home, family, friends and pets. My large and amazing family keeps me anchored and inspired. I’m grateful to be able to work at something I love and am passionate about.

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