2 Graces Studio

I balance my time between beautiful Saint Simons Island and the vibrant city of Atlanta. When I’m home on the Island, I find great inspiration and peacefulness from the ocean, the sea life and the unspoiled nature. During my time spent in Atlanta, I find inspiration in the city’s energy and the vast diversity of cultures.
As an Artist, I work primarily in oils and mixed media often incorporating found and reclaimed materials into my art. Fascinated with people, animals, and nature alike, I am always observing my surroundings and intrigued how facial and body expressions can tell a whole story in an instant. I believe Art is an expressive world where you begin by learning the formal rules of composition, design, and mediums, but those “rules” are even better if you push them, break them, collaborate them, and explore.
When it comes to living life, my outlook is much the same as my approach to creating art. I believe in learning from my mistakes and consider them a life lesson instead of a failure. I face challenges head on and believe in giving “it” my all. I believe in living life full of passion, respect for all, staying positive and being present in the moment. I always move forward and am constantly on the search for my next adventure.
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