Pirates Pot Paper

Legend has it that a pirate named Cunningham buried a pot of gold somewhere near the convergence of the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean known as Ponce Inlet. The exact hiding place for the treasure died when ole Cunningham was hanged in the early 1700’s and has yet to be found. The gold had been pressed into gold leaf to assist in hiding the ore between the staves of his ship’s hull. It is said that Captain Cunningham, a talented artist, liked to sketch on the leaves when he was not occupied with raiding, pillaging and plundering. Unfortunately, an early June hurricane drove his ship aground in the Inlet and Cunningham, fearing the worst, hoisted his loot into a dingy and set aground on the western shore of the Indian River. He was burying his treasure just as he watched his ship be torn to pieces by the wind and waves. Seeing he was stranded and alone, he walked southward to the lights of a settlement of Minorcan immigrants. These hardy Greeks were indentured servants working the indigo plantations and had seen their share of brigand raiders. Seeking shelter, he was quickly recognized as a buccaneer and hanged on the spot, his body swinging with the hurricane’s gusts.

It is from this legend that Pirates’ Pot Paper was born some 300 years following Cunningham’s demise. Made from 100% recycled paper and laced with pure locally harvested sugar cane leaves, each piece is a unique work of art. The paper takes ink beautifully and provides a distinctive statement to your communications. Forget emails and texts, your handwritten notes are reflections of your respect for the recipient. Sold in beautiful handmade boxes crafted from repurposed hardwoods of the Appalachian Mountains, the papers are hand made and dried naturally in the hot Florida sunshine. Should you want to impress someone, these papers will be remembered long after emails and texts have been erased!

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