Seth Pitt

Wild Oats & Billy Goats is pleased to present art prints from 3 collections from Seth Pitt - Creatures of the Heart, Small Tales, New Worlds.  All prints are from original drawings and paintings by Seth, and they are printed on matte finish fine art paper with archival ink.


Creatures of the Heart

A collection of drawings

Within you there is the heart of you and within that heart there is a world.  That world is a magical place. It’s populated by all sorts of little creatures wandering about, doing all sorts of things, as you and your heart go about your many days.

All these little creatures are aware of all the magic in the place where they live and they go about trying to see all there is to see. Some of the things they see confuse them. Sometimes they are surprised, sometimes they are mystified. Sometimes they’re downright scared and sometimes they cannot help but jump, singing with all of their own little hearts, for joy.

It is a strange and baffling and wonderful world in there and the little creatures, are always so curious to see just what might happen next. There is, really, only so much that one can say about it, though. So here are some little windows. Some little windows into that world where we can see what some of these little creatures, that live inside the world of our hearts, have come to find on their little journeys, so far.


Small Tales

a series of illustrations and little stories

Sometimes we make brilliant discoveries. Large and bold epiphanies that crash down like an apple thunking on top of our heads, waking us from the nap of our present life. And KAZAAM our world has changed. Those are important and they are often the big stories we tell late into the night to those in the world we’ve found as friends or family.

Then, there are other, smaller, quieter realizations that come to us through days and years of trying to live the way we would like most to live. They grow and bloom more slowly like an apple tree itself from seed to old bent boughs heavy with fruit. It’s hard to talk about these. They’re so commonplace seeming and so simple it’s hard to say the things about the great magic they are made of. But, really, they’re everything to us.

Those small tales that we add to daily with a quiet but fierce sense of reverence for what we’ve come to regard as dear, what we choose to not stop believing in, and what we’ve decided we will do with our one strange ticket into this world. This work is about those stories.


New Worlds

Within the altogether transient nature of our many moments, we fashion sails to boats, dig foundations for homes, buy new paint for the moon as a previously unimagined tree springs up somewhere. 

 The world spins on creating new worlds for us to choose from. 

We stay, we go, we ponder, we find repose. It's a dice roll of our hearts, a blind toss of our minds, a faith leap of our many dreams, locked arm in arm, bounding off. Water and color pouring through windows we somehow left open despite not knowing they were there, falling through invisible doors with the willingness of a gust of wind. 

Welcome, to your new home, for now. 

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