Sharon Repple Fine Art

“My paintings are inspired by the beauty of God’s creation.  I strive to reflect His canvas.”

In whom the Lord had put skill, every one whose heart stirred him to come to work to perform it. Exodus 36:2     

Sharon Repple has always loved to create and with encouragement from her family and high school art teacher, Dorothy Cox, art has become an integral part of her life.  During her earlier years, she worked primarily in graphite and watercolor. After raising a family, Sharon returned to college in her forties and graduated with a degree in accounting, that's right, accounting not art.  

In 2007, she moved to Florida where Sharon was able to devote herself to her art.   At this time, she began to paint with acrylics in a representational style. When Sharon first moved to Florida, this Georgia girl did not appreciate what she called “spiky” foliage and flat landscapes. Now seventeen years later, she sees incredible beauty everywhere she looks.  Every evening the big open skies light up with stunning colors reflected on magnificent clouds.  Now she sees oak trees covered in moss along country roads with dappled light, marshes stretching as far as the eye can see, palm trees that soar above, birds of delicate beauty, gators that glide across the swamps and mist across a wetland.  

Her award-winning landscapes and wildlife paintings are inspired by the beauty of God's creation found in the rural and coastal scenes of Georgia and Florida. 

“When I paint, I want the viewer to come into my paintings, reflect and remember a special place or memory, stay awhile and thank God for the beauty all around.”

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