Sherry Cook

 I make art at my lakeside studio on 35 wooded acres in rural Georgia where I live with my husband and numerous pets. A graduate of the University of Georgia, I have been a professional artist for over 40 years. 

My art is made intuitively so rarely is there a plan when I begin. I sense what goes where and feel my way through my paintings. What emerges comes from my subconscious or possibly somewhere beyond ‘me’ altogether. Angels, female archetypes, and goddesses are common themes.

As a young child, one of my favorite spots to play was on a bed of moss under a huge oak in our front yard. I imagined being surrounded by fairies and remember feeling an overwhelming sense of peace there. I often experience the sensation of being surrounded by angels so it’s no surprise they turn up in my art!

I believe art can still the mind and bring one into the present moment like a familiar hymn might pull one closer to feeling God’s presence. I hope each piece brings a little joy into the place where it lands, and, if only for a moment, my art might transport the viewer into a place of peace and serenity.

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