Susan Abell Fine Art

Visual art has always been an integral part of Susan’s life. Though she considers herself primarily a self-taught artist, she has pursued a passion for the visual arts throughout her lifetime. Since formally retiring from a career as an elementary educator, this weekend hobby has become a full time pursuit.

Nature provides a limitless bounty of subject in God’s amazing creation. For Susan, painting is an ever changing and evolving learning experience, much like nature. Capturing what is observed into a painting is a constant pursuit for her as nature can often surprise us in the way in which the same scene can look totally different on a given day. As a result, each artwork reflects experiences in her native Georgia as the beauty of nature in its varied forms provides limitless inspiration. She is particularly fascinated with the variation in light and color found in nature, compelling her to paint impressionist landscapes. In addition, experimenting with a variety of media and techniques is one of the ways she endeavors to create paintings that will resonate with viewers. 

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