WaterSong Creek Creations

A lover of words, Terri Bemiss begin creating sweet and sassy vintage-themed cards in 2017. This turn in her artistic career was prompted by great loss. From 2014-2015, Terri lost six family members to various illnesses. Normally one to look on the happy side of life, this was a trying time and, for a while, Terri lost her laughter. Determined to find it again, she began putting funny quotes with vintage photos. She made these into home decor on blocks of wood for friends and family. They were so popular that soon a line of greeting cards was born. Terri not only found her laughter again, she now gets to inspire joy and laughter in all those who read and share her cards.

“People are always sharing funny quotes with me and I have a list of well over 300 waiting to be paired with just the right photograph. Now when you browse my greeting cards, you will meet my husband, my dad, my brother, sisters, daughters, grandchildren and even a pet as my family has made their way into the line. I hope my cards bring you the same joy and laughter as they brought back to me.“
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