The Appalachian Goat

Kimberly has always been intrigued to follow her nose, whether it is getting lost in the fragrance filled souks of the Marrakesh Medina, cycling through Argon Tree orchards along the Moroccan Coast, visiting cosmetic seaweed farms in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, hiking through wild arnica flowers blooming throughout the Dolomites in the Italian Alps, or the production pottery in Baktupur, Nepal. Ideas are born in every corner of the world and everybody has goats. Kimberly has a desire to discover the world for herself, meeting local people living off the land and creating handmade products. By capturing these scents, experiences or landscapes in a slice of soap or lotion, The Appalachian Goat® brings these inspired Goats Milk formulations to you. As a child, Kimberly’s parents grew their own vegetables, her father kept bees and her mother, an accomplished painter, also sewed most of her clothes. Discovering amazing Goats Milk soaps in Africa, Asia and South America, Kimberly came home to the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and developed formulas that are vitamin rich moisturizers that naturally nourish your skin. Goat milk proteins help sooth dry, damaged skin. Enriched with Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E, these natural botanicals help skin ward off the drying effects of the elements and retain moisture long after use.
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