Tom Wrenn

 I’ve tried many mediums over the years but most of all I love drawing. Oh and printmaking is pretty awesome. So I figured out a way to combine the two using Photoshop, of course, and sublimation printing.  I start with a pencil drawing that I scan and then colorize using Photoshop. Then I print the image on wood utilizing sublimation printing. I print all my wood prints and magnets myself using sublimation printing. My wood prints are printed on finishing birch or maple  plywood.

 My subject matter is and will be diverse but it usually involves wildlife of some kind. I dig drawing birds, sea life and skulls but who knows where my pencils will take me. I like depicting animals in aggressive stances or in action. My drawings tend to be on the darker side, literally and figuratively. Which has made it fun colorizing them in Photoshop.  

I was born in Tallahassee and raised in Merritt Island on the Space Coast of Florida and spent 17 years living in Decatur, Georgia.  I have two Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees. The first I received from the College of Charleston in Studio Art and the second from the Atlanta Art Institute in Media Arts and Animation. I have worked in several different mediums over the years; watercolors, pen and ink, colored pencils, wooden sculptures, along with digital painting, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.


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