Wendy Bradley

 My paintings have been called beautiful, uplifting and whimsical. I find inspiration in the floral markets and landscapes in the South as well as from photographs that I have taken on family vacations. From painting as a child and teen to doing craft projects with my three children, I have always had a love of the creative process. I enjoy the challenge of finding the right combination of colors and composition to create an aesthetically pleasing piece. I paint with bright and with vibrant colors and use a lot of texture in my work. I even go as far as to use pieces of acrylic paint from my palette to add texture and depth to each of my pieces. My goal with my paintings is to make people smile. I think the biggest influence on my work was a cartooning class I took as a teen with an Atlanta Journal Constitution cartoon artist. My paintings today still reflects the whimsical nature associated with cartoons.
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