Sustainability is the very core of what we do. Seatree Studio is committed to reducing waste by upcycling ordinary items into eco-love gifts for the home. We opt out of paper whenever possible and only source good for the planet shipping materials. From recycled paper to certified backyard compostable bags, you can guarantee your purchase is "green."

Our upcycled and repurposed aluminum can ornaments are the perfect example of ways we take ordinary items and transform them into whimsical gifts for all. But it doesn’t stop there- foreach Whimcycle Design sold, a donation is made to clean up our oceans. We are proud to support The Ocean Cleanup- a 501c3 dedicated to removing plastic pollution from our beautiful oceans. For us, it's a small way of giving back to better the planet.

Upcycled and repurposed aluminum can ornaments. Each ornament is hand painted in the Seatree Studio and thoughtfully packaged in earth friendly materials. 

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