Magnolia + Tonka - Beard Oil

Magnolia + Tonka - Beard Oil

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Our luxurious beard oils moisturize hair and skin with gentle and nourishing oils. We've come up with a great blend of moisturizing oils that promote hair strength and growth, keep frizz under control, and are nourishing and won't clog pores on your skin underneath. Check out the benefits of each oil below.

The scent: magnolia + tonka is a unisex scent that leans towards masculine. Earthy, yet sweet, notes of bergamot, vanilla, and amber compliment magnolia leaf and tonka bean. Complex and beautiful.  

Net Wt 1oz.

*argan oil is known for it's hair protecting benefits, preventing breakage and encouraging growth.

*jojoba oil mimics the skin's sebum, which prevents breakouts and clogged pores.