Tuberose Goats Milk Bath Salts

Tuberose Goats Milk Bath Salts

The Appalachian Goat

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Salt for the Tub™ is made with Goats Milk and infused with Wildcrafted Arnica Oil. Experience your Essential Journey! Our Salt for the Tub is created for cyclists, runners, swimmers, triathletes, outdoor adventurers and anyone pushing the limits of their body, playing hard and living life. Goats Milk has natural emollients that moisturize the skin, can reduce wrinkles and delay the signs of aging. We think its perfect!

Made with Natural Ingredients

Epsom Salts are high in Magnesium and make a great therapeutic soak for sore muscles. Sea Salts are rich in life sustaining minerals.

Goats Milk is rich in fatty acids that help keep the skin nourished. Goats Milk is known to reduce skin inflammation.

Wildcrafted Arnica Oil* is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory used to treat bruises, joint or muscular pain.